Tyler Brumfield was born and raised in rural Oregon. He spent many summers on his grandfather’s small farm, learning how to work and build. He gained familiarity with tools and a fascination with tactile materials. His father taught him the value of work and perseverance from a young age, and his grandfather shared with him the satisfaction in making something with one’s own hands.

       Tyler discovered his affinity for visual art at Western Oregon University. He quickly discovered an attraction to design, but sculpture was by far the most captivating. For Tyler, sculpture offered the perfect relationship between working with his hands and academic study. His initial interest was nurtured and grown into technical skill, critical thought, and confidence.

       Tyler received his Master’s of Fine Arts degree from the University of Montana. His recent work has been influenced by introductions to new methods and materials, as well as new knowledge and experiences. 

       Tyler currently teaches Art and Design courses at Pacific University in Oregon. 


Contact: ttbrums@gmail.com

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